Hotel i Colori - come raggiungerci - Sardinia

By car:

The Island of Sant’Antioco is only 90 minutes from the capital, Cagliari and can be easily reached by car from any area in Sardinia. From the Port or the Airport of Cagliari, it is reached travelling down the S.S. 130 ( S.S.: State Road) and EXITING at the distance of 44 kilometres for Villamassargia.From here, by means of a highway, you arrive at the S.S. 126 which, travelling in the direction of Carbonia, leads to the end of the isthmus of the Santa Caterina Lagoon.After crossing the isthmus a bridge allows access to the island and leads directly into the town centre ofSant’Antioco.Continuing down Via Nazionale, which, from the entrance of the city, penetrates towards the centre, you’ll find the ‘I Colori’ Hotel at number 89.

For those who disembark at the Port of Arbatax, take the S.S. 125 in the direction of Cagliari and EXIT at Iglesias on the S.S. 554 to connect to the S.S. 130.From here follow the directions from Cagliari.

From the Port and Airport of Olbia, it’s convenient to take the S.S. 597 in the direction of Porto Torres and then turn onto the S.S. 131 towards Cagliari.If you wish to shorten your trip avoiding passage through the capital, it is recommended to EXIT the S.S.131 at the crossroads for Samassi and FOLLOW the direction for Siliqua and for Iglesias.On the S.S. 130 continue in the direction of Villamassargia-Carbonia and then continue towards Sant’Antioco.

If you land at Porto Torres, you must go down the S.S. 131 towards Cagliari and once you’ve arrived at the crossroads for Samassi, FOLLOW the direction indicated in the previous paragraph.

Alternative means of transport:

At the Cagliari-ElmasAirport, it is possible to rent a car, hire a taxi or take a bus that, in about 10 minutes, brings you directly to the City of Cagliari.If you choose this solution, once you’ve arrived at the bus station in Cagliari, it’s possible to take another bus which will bring you directly to Sant’Antioco, or to take a train, from the adjacent Train Station, to Carbonia.From Carbonia there is a bus that brings you to the centre of Sant’Antioco.

From the Port of Cagliari, the Bus and Train Stationare only a short distance away an can easily be reached on foot.

(For information about the bus service to and from the Airport of Elmas, the bus-ride to Cagliari to Sant’Antioco or from Carbonia to Sant’Antioco, call the following number: 070/409 8324or consult the Internet site:

For the time-tables and ticket prices of the train route from Cagliari to Carbonia check the site: )

From the Port of Arbatax, a bus service directly to Cagliari is available, where you can continue by train or by bus.

(For information about the bus-route Arbatax-Cagliari, call the toll-free number: 800/ 865 042or check the Internet site: )

From the CostaSmeraldaAirport in Olbia you can hire a taxi, rent a car or shuttle-bus for the Train Station of Olbia (reachable also from the Port) where you can connect to a train or a bus to Cagliari.There is also a direct bus connection from the Airport in Olbia to Cagliari.

(For information about the bus-route Olbia-Cagliari, call the number:0789/21487or check the Internet site: www.turmotravel.itFor the train-route Olbia-Chilivani-Carbonia check the Internetsite )

Also at the Alghero.FertiliaAirport, it is possible to rent a car, hire a taxi or take a shuttle-bus to the Train Station of Alghero where you can connect to a train to Sassari and continue to Carbonia.There is also a direct connection by bus from the Airport ofAlghero to Cagliari.

(For information about the bus-route Alghero-Cagliari, call:079/281 728or check the site: www.logudorotours.itFor the time-tables and ticket prices of the train-route Alghero-Sassari-Carbonia, check the Internet site: )

Landing by ship at Porto Torres, you can head for the Train Station and take a train directly to Carbonia or go to Sassari and continue by bus to Cagliari.

(For information about the bus-route Sassari-Cagliari, call 079/250 529 or check the Internet site www.ferrovieSardinia.itFor the time-tables and ticket prices of the train-route Porto Torres-Carbonia check the

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