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A wonderful island in the centre of Mediterranean Sea , Sardinia is an uncontaminated paradisevisited every year by thousands of tourists arriving from all parts of the world. Here, between limpid waters and ancient scents of wild myrtle, it is possible to discover again the joy for simple things, taste of ancient cooking, and a fascinating history that still wants to talk about itself.

And it is in Sardinia, on the beautiful Island of Sant’Antioco , that the “I Colori” Hotel will give you the emotion of the holiday you have always dreamed of. The lively touristic seaside-resort in the Province of Sulcis Iglesiente, Sant’Antioco is the biggest of the inhabited islands on the Sardinian coast. With its extension of 108,894 Km2, it is smaller only than ElbaIsland in all of the Mediterranean Sea .

Its crystal waters introduce you to the wonderful Archipelago of Sulcis in which San Pietro Island is also located, the Island Piana and some uninhabited small islands easily reachable by boat. The Island joins Sardinia by a bridge and a thin isthmus of land that extends for about one Km.Its suggestive lagoon is visited most of the year by flocks of magnificent pink flamingos. There are two inhabited centres, Sant’Antioco and Calasetta, both of them located on the NorthernCoast.

The “I Colori” Hotel is situated in the centre of the biggest of the two towns, Sant’Antioco, that has about 13 thousands inhabitants. Small enough to allow for calm and relaxing holidays far from city-stress, yet this town is rich in entertainment and full of life in any case. At night the historical centre and the little touristic harbour are animated by an explosive mix of music and dance. During the day it is always possible to spend a couple of hours on the beach or to go shopping in the many shops of the centre. All the beaches and bathing areas in a few minutes are reachable bycar or by bus.

The Eastern and the Northern coasts, on which some of the most famous beaches of the Island are located, are the ideal destination for those who love sun-bathing or playing with their children on the sand. For the most adventurous visitors the Island offers many rocky inlet ready to be explored, with deep limpid waters, rich with fish.

But Sant’Antioco is not onlya little natural paradise where one enjoys lovely summer holidays. It is a centre full of history and culture, of places and traditions inherited by time and enveloped in the mysterious charm of centuries. Still today, as in the past, the waters around the island are furrowed by fishermen on typical boats called “ciusu”. In the hinterlands, shepherds guide on foot their flocks to pasture, greeting, sometimes, those curious tourists they meet on their way. Rich in Nuraghes (pre-historic Sardinian round towers), the island still keeps the monumental Phoenician-Punic remains of Solki intact, which between VIII and I Century B.C. gave the Sulcis area its name. The Necropoli and the Tophet are of this period and are located right in the ancient centre of Sant’Antioco. Of particular importance are the remains of Paleochristian Catacombs and the Basilica. Built in the V Century AD, the Basilica is consecrated to the Saint Antioco Martyr, the Mauritanian doctor who, in the I Century, spread the Christian creed among the inhabitants of the island.

The bridge of stone at the town entrance, the fountain Is Solus and the mausoleum of Sa Prisonedda (all to visit for free) still remain intact from the Roman Age. Also worth visiting are the fort built in Savoyard Epoch, that overlooks the harbour of the town from an eminence, the ArchaeologicalMuseum, the HypogeumVillage, the EthnograficMuseum and the Bottega del Bisso. But the itinerary offered to the island’s visitors are infinite. From Calasetta it is possible to embark on a ferry towards the nice San Pietro Island and its only town, Carloforte. Driving for a few Km it is possible to visit Iglesias and Carbonia, representative coal-cities, or to reach spectacular touristic sites such as Porto Pino, Nebida, Masua, Buggerru, Fontanamare Pan di Zucchero. In an hour by car the beautiful Cagliari is reachable, capital and important historical centre of Sardinia. Following the SouthCoast magnificent beaches come into sight, such as Baia Chia and Pula.

There are several archaeological sites in the area and, for those who wish to have an adventurous trip in spelaeology, at a few Km from Sant’Antioco Island it is possible to admire the millenarian calcareous concretions of caves Is Zuddas and Su Mannau. Sardinia is a rich and variegated land, all to discover. And “I Colori” Hotel at Sant’Antioco offers you with all of this even a unique occasion of this kind: to live the magic experience of “an island within an island”.

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